Michaella Wrote :

” As a young lady very inexperienced with men and relationships, l come off extremely wise when I encounter men now. I can thank mommy, Kelda Rolle and this exclusive man bible that she wrote; “Men Under a Microscope!”  
Reading the book has helped me tremendously to pick up on men and their B.S.! All the games they think they are playing, all the circles they think they are drawing around me, I pick up on it. It has made my mind indestructible and fully aware of each scenario, now fully capable and qualified to deal with each problem accordingly. I have learned to manipulate the book to strategically conquer men. 

Now, the only games being played are by me, I know how to demand my respect, I know how to tell the difference between a good for nothing  man and a man of quality and standards. I know when to drop a man, and I know how a man thinks. Now by knowing these things it makes it very difficult for a man to break my heart again! The only heartbreak now is coming from the man when he realises that Momma K has made me a ‘Man Genius’ and he can no longer go about his regular tricks. It gives him no other option but to leave or simply act right! It works because now, only the real men stay and are intrigued by my knowledge of them, he has no choice but to surrender. On the other hand the Young men who aren’t mentally mature enough, flee from this strong minded individual because they can’t fathom me!! 

Perfect example of what this book has made me is this quote, ” Many people love the idea of me, but lack the maturity to handle the Reality of me!”


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